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"Kathy has been extremely helpful to me for the past several months. First, she came to my house and consulted with me to find out my needs and clothing style. We discussed my body shape and the types of clothes that would look best on me. She also gave me guidance on the best colors for me, as well wardrobe essentials. Kathy then came back a few more times to help me do a wardrobe audit. She honestly told me in in her kind way what clothes were keepers and which ones were best to eliminate from my wardrobe. I really appreciated her helping me pare down my wardrobe to looks that work well and suit my body shape. Kathy pulled together many outfits for me, which included clothes, shoes, and accessories, by shopping through my own closet! She then wrote everything down in a notebook for me for future reference, which I consult often!

What I am most grateful to Kathy for is her guidance and help in putting together outfits for me to wear to my son’s wedding. Kathy helped me figure out all of the outfits I will need for a weeklong destination wedding. She then gave me a makeup lesson so I will look extra beautiful at the wedding!

I really learned a lot from Kathy. Now when I go clothes shopping, I have an idea what I need and what looks good on me. I am so happy I found Kathy and ClothesZing!!"

-B, 06/2016  

" This was just like What Not to Wear, without any critiscm ."

-T , Allentown, PA 4/2014

Elite '10 68336 Candi K. Emmaus, PA 7/31/2010 Yes, I'm one of those girls who has a closet full of clothes but still complains that she has nothing to wear. But not any more! Kathy @ Clotheszing is my saving grace of my closet fiasco!I hired Kathy for a wardrobe audit & look book. We spent about 30 minutes on the phone, going over my likes & dislikes (figure & clothing), sizes, body shape, etc. We decided upon a 3 hour session to start with, and I could add time as needed. Scheduled a time for a week later, and I stared at my closet, sure that I was going to need to throw out about half of it.In reality, I only need to dispose of about 10% of it, and tailor about another 10%. Kathy showed up bright eyed & bushy tailed at 9 am on a Saturday to help me go through my wardrobe, accessory bag & portable clothes rack in tow. We tried putting together outfits, and adding ready made outfits into a look book. While I'd change into something else, Kathy would put together what all I had on & what I needed to buy in my book. At the end of our time, I had about 31 outfits for work put together with what I would have only turned into 10. And that's with about 75% of my wardrobe untouched! It really helped to have another opinion of what flattered, how to breathe new life into things, etc. Now that I have my list of needs, I'll start shopping on my own, and if I need help, I'll be sure to either send Kathy an email for advice, or maybe even book some shopping time with her.This is the best $100 I've ever spent on my wardrobe! Now I have some real direction in filling out my business casual & casual wear, and adding some pizzaz to my business formal. Thanks, Kathy

"Thank you so much!"

"My wife went on and on about the wonderful time she had (during a wardrobe audit) and also expressed interest in booking some shopping time. I believe we both will be recommending you to everyone."


"Thank you Kathy for giving me the confidence to pack for my business conference. The reference sheet you created for me in addition to the photos you e-mailed me (which I pulled up on my Blackberry when I was away at the conference) made it so simple to put together smart looking outfits. You also helped me "break out of my shell" and use my belts, jewelry and scarves to really put together sharp looking outfits. I now have fun going through my closet. The time spent with you also made my shopping experience stress free. Instead of shopping aimleesly, I knew to look for the 2-3 items that would help coordinate with what I already owned. You saved me time and money! I will definitely recommend your services to others."


"Although having many clothes in my closet, I knew that they did not all fit and/or flatter. After Kathy did a Wardrobe Audit, I understand what looks good on my body shape and why. I have had friends comment on how nice I look and inquire if I have lost weight, as a result of wearing my clothes and accessories in a more flattering way. She helped me streamline my closet down to clothes that look great and that I feel good in. My list of "needs" was maybe one or two items to compliment what was already in my closet. We also packed outfits to mix and match for a trip that I was going on. I have recommended her services to others!"


"Kathy, I wanted to thank you for the time you spent going through my closet and shopping with me. Your expertise and advice were greatly appreciated and I learned a lot in the timeI spent with you. Because of your friendliness and professionalism, I felt very comfortable with you and was confident that you wanted to help me reach my "wardrobe goals"."


"Kathy was very helpful in creating outfits from my wardrobe. She also was very good at organizing my closet."


"I can't thank you enough for helping me with my closet! I am so excited that I have so many "new" outfits to wear. You have a wonderful sense of fashion, style and color and you are great with people."

Heidi, South Whitehall

"I was so glad to see my wardrobe in a new fashion. I was just about to toss out all of my clothes from the last 5 years because I was tired of the same old outfits, thank you Kathy for showing me some new options with my existing wardrobe."